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Picture of MF Beats / Muzik Fiend In His Home Studio

MF Beats / Muzik Fiend

Beatmaker + Producer + Creator


MF Beats, Muzik Fiend (born Brannin Orrick on December 9, 1984), is an American record producer from Knoxville, Tennessee. Notable artists he has worked with include Lil Jack, Smoke Corleone, C Goody, Big Scrill Will, Spook Spookson, and many other independent, up-and-coming artists. His name, as you may have guessed, comes from his love of music and the "addiction"-like feeling of constantly creating and consuming music. With a taste for darkly themed sounds and high energy vibes, Muzik Fiend's knack for perfectly arranged instrumentals will keep you wanting "One Mo' Hit".

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