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Picture of MF Beats / Muzik Fiend In His Home Studio

MF Beats / Muzik Fiend

Beatmaker + Producer + Creator


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MF Beats, Muzik Fiend (born Brannin Orrick on December 9, 1984), is an American record producer from Knoxville, Tennessee. Notable artists he has worked with include Lil Jack, Smoke Corleone, C Goody, Big Scrill Will, Spook Spookson, and many other independent, up-and-coming artists. His name, as you may have guessed, comes from his love of music and the "addiction"-like feeling of constantly creating and consuming music. With a taste for darkly themed sounds and high energy vibes, Muzik Fiend's knack for perfectly arranged instrumentals will keep you wanting "One Mo' Hit".

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