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Do you have a cassette rip, a vinyl rip, or maybe an old mixtape that you always felt could sound better? Is that hiss and white noise on the tape ruining your favorite song? Send it to me, and I'll give those old tapes and records the polish they need.

Track splitting -
If your audio file is one track with several songs on it, I will split them into individual tracks and label them for you.

Noise Reduction -
White noise such as tape hiss and vinyl crack will be drastically reduced to improve the overall clarity of the song.

Mastering -
After noise reduction is applied, I will then fine-tune your tracks by adjusting EQ, stereo width, and volume to the modern standard of digital music.

Delivery and Turnaround Time -
Every project is guaranteed to be finished within 2–4 weeks. Once completed, all files will be delivered to your email.

* This service requires that you upload a .ZIP/RAR file

You will get a TXT (51B) file

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4 months ago

Old cassette tape

I had an old music tape that was full of hiss, other noise, and was very low quality. After getting it fixed by MF Beats, it sounded 100 times better. I would highly recommend MF Beats for all of your mixing/remastering needs or to clean up old tracks. His prices are reasonable with a fast turn around time.

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